Late Friday afternoon I dropped in to visit the lovely gals at Ruby, every time I am in NZ I always make an effort to go and say hi, we go way back and it is always fun to relax for a Friday catch up with them. Winter is Ruby's strongest season and I always stock up on their cute knits and a coat each winter - their wool coats are well priced under $500NZ and I always wear them for multiple seasons remixing with old and new items. I don't know if it is just my taste changing, but when did coats become so expensive? It's a relief to know that you can still find something affordable in wool. My pick of their coats this winter is the Liam Smart Coat in Ice, how delicious is that sorbet blue, that's winter wardrobe refreshment right there.

Leaving Auckland city on Saturday to head to tranquil Titirangi was something I have never done before, and after dropping my bag at a secluded BnB surrounded by native bush I 100% understood the desire to live there. The cicadas removed any requirement for music and with a view of the ocean I could have almost tucked up with a book and hid away from the party...almost, but not quite. The humidity found a comfortable place and with a reunion of great pals I danced the night away without the requirement for any extra layers, the perfect summer gathering. The following day was (supposed to be at the polo, eek sorry), but ended up under a tree with loved ones in the sun, I've decided that Titirangi is my new favourite Auckland spot!

On the way back in to the city I dropped in to the Simon James Concept Store in Herne Bay which is one of my favourite home design stores, It's one of those stores that is immaculately curated, and if you had the budget you could easily just take it all as every single item looks so good. I was particularly interested in Greta Van Der Star's Miracle Hill photographic exhibition - shot entirely on film it has a very still eerie aesthetic and the colours are basically my dream photo colours (yes I have those, I'm all about the colour). I'll do a full post dedicated to this show soon.

My talented friend and photographer of the most breathtaking polaroids Adam Custins asked if he could take my portrait on Monday, if you have seen his works in print you would completely understand why this is such an honour. Adams pieces are timeless, and I don't use the term lightly, his subjects are fashion free, simply groomed and to some extent simplified so that the photo somehow manages to speak more of the subject than even the subject knew about themselves, they are raw and simply breathtaking. The experience of being photographed by him was unlike any "sitting" I have ever done, it was precise, I felt kinda nervous and somehow my face managed to say more about me than anything I was trying to convey (smeyes failed me). I cant wait to see the final result, which I will share with you soon.

Mission Bay

Deadly Ponies MR Mini Chainmail Bag  /  Titirangi Treetops  / Ruby Moonrise Jumper  /   Liam Ice Smart Coat available March 21st from Ruby   / Ruby Nailpolishes  /  Mission Bay pastel buildings  /  Simon James Concept Store   /  Greta Van Der Star's Miracle Hill  /  Ultratec Thermal Radar the cat  / Adam Custins  /  Mission Bay