The Butler - a good movie, don't get me wrong, but I found myself wishing I was sitting window so I had somewhere to look as I fought my third wave of tears. Note to self: skip the drama when in a plane with strangers. As usual I was unsure what to pack after being caught out numerous times with the indecisive Auckland weather, and as I left the airport and was hit with muggy air I once again counted the numerous items that I obviously wouldn't be needing for this trip - I am yet to become the ultimate lightweight all weather prepared shopper. 

The purpose of my trip was to visit a friend for his birthday in Titirangi, but I decided to make the most of it and fly on Thursday night so I could visit friends and some showrooms while I was there. Every time I go to Auckland I always get in trouble for not staying long enough, and still could have easily stayed longer as it is impossible to squeeze everything in with only four days, two of which were weekend days. I started my Friday by heading to the Karen Walker Showroom in Ponsonby with my friend Amanda - the girls were very kind to show me the new Benah bags as I was going to be leaving town before their release and quite obsessively wanted to view them. This visit timed perfectly with the arrival of next seasons Benah bag samples from the very recent Karen Walker NYFW show, and I found myself a little too eagerly planning purchases seasons in advance. The appeal of these bags is that they are are timeless shapes, obviously great quality, and in comparison to many designer bags they are quite competitively priced - they launched today and somehow despite my planning I do believe I have missed out on my favourites already, as per usual KW knows her market and nails it. Always one to be distracted by the slightly impractical I also couldn't help but become infatuated by the small KW animal purses releasing in March, how cute are they!

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my wallet there was nothing in my size available when I later strolled down to the KW Ponsonby store, (oh to be one of the lucky ones who can order in advance) so I instead added a very sweet charm bracelet to my collection - I am always happy that Karen and I share the same initial in our first name and her bracelets are regularly adorned with "K"...for Kelly of course!

Whenever I head to AKL I always find it's so easy to get super dehydrated (damn humidity, damn accidental alcohol consumption) and also end up running around so much I don't get a chance to eat properly. My dear friend photographer Adam Custins luckily introduced me to Little Bird Unbakery on Summer Street in Ponsonby and it is my absolute #1 spot if I feel in need of some healthy nourishing food. I always make an effort to head there whenever I can and love their "Bird Bowl" which is a combination of kale, beetroot, seeds, kimchi and avocado, I know it sounds bland, but they have some kind of magic I don't have, and healthy tastes amazing. As someone who likes to eat as close to nature intended as possible I find it quite tricky to find organic and fresh food without that slightly dirty "hippy" vibe, Little Bird has the perfect balance and it all comes packaged with a welcoming bright interior. Please open in Melbourne!

A couple of days prior to my visit Kathryn Wilson (NZ's shoe darling) opened a brand new store in Herne Bay. Amanda needed to drop in so I went along and had a little try on. The shop is very cute, whitewashed with walls stacked with colourful shoes, and was very busy with new customers, friends, and the neighbour trying to show Kathryn a selection of rugs to decorate the store, quite a chaotic little scene! I picked up a cute pair of Miss Wilson white brogues with gold caps (always the magpie) and have been wearing them ever since. If you are currently loving flats as much as I am you will find much joy in these little shoes, I'd recommend ordering down a size if you purchase them online

Karen Walker One Worship Lavender sunglasses arriving March, animal purse arriving March /  Benah for Karen Walker bags available here now (quick!) /  Little Bird Unbakery Summer Street  /  Kathryn Wilson brogues available here