As worded by me and seen on AlwaysSometimeAnytime on Dec 13th 2012

When it comes to Christmas, I realise its not really about all the gifts, food and holidays, but let's be honest, when you're filled up with ham and bubbles wearing your new Christmas jumper religion isn't always something that pops to mind.

So despite all the hoo ha about Christmas becoming too commercialised, I thought I'd share some of my favorite gift picks for 2012, with a focus on shopping within NZ and AUS.

1. Adam Custins S/S 2012 Book: It's important in this day of online everything to remember the tactile satisfaction of a 3D coffee table book. Smelling delightful and filling your senses, Adam Custin's first book of polaroids is a visual delight!


2. Plants: Plants are not just for grandma, and should be given more consideration on your gift list. What other gift has the power to purify your air? I like to hang mine, these ones at Mister Moss are cute! 


3. Flight Centre Vouchers: Everyone loves a holiday, particularly when someone helps to pay.

4. Lonely by Lonely Hearts Triangle Insert Longline Bra: Because longline bras are hot. And as a side note, boys who don't buy lingerie are really shooting themselves in the foot, think about the show n tell sillies! 


5. Coloured frames: Black is black, wheres the fun in that? These Ellery Et Graz Cremaster Angular frames come in Fairyfloss and Listerine, delicious! Karen Walker has also produced summery butter tones perfect with or without the suntan.


6. Art: A great piece of art will catch the eye of the owner daily and inspire thought. Currently coveting one of these ridiculously intricate hand crafted paper pieces by Benja Harney who's clients include Hermes, Romance Was Born, and LEGO. As part of his NEW PLATONIC exhibition at NG Art Gallery in Chippendale Harney worked with platonic solid shapes to create these eye catching patterns.

If you're not ready for a full art investment, how about a print? Here are a few places to start looking 

Lamington Drive

Paper Works

Aroha and Friends

Kelly Thompson

Eirian Chapman


7. Lucy Folk Jewellery: A jeweller who doesn't take herself too seriously, creating colorful collections all inspired by food, so much fun!


8. A second hand pet: Don't forget second hand pooches and meows at Christmas time, they would love to come home and snuggle with you instead of in their cold grey cage :(


9. Lover Divinyl Pleat Skirt: I have this, its a dream metallic wardrobe pop that all girls need.


10. Boutique Fragrances: Its no fun smelling like every second person on the street. If you're thinking of gifting a fragrance don't head to a department store and get the one in the advert, support small perfumeries who source the best Internationally. My favorite is their staff know each scent note by note. In NZ I like World Beauty Stores