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Marmalade, citrus, mellow yellow and turmeric - all pushed aside this season as Miss Marigold reigns Queen - I do believe that Pantone got the colour of the year wrong.


I don't need to tell you twice that I'm a yellow fan, I'd say it pretty obvious, so I'm pleased to see this golden warmth filter my social streams, my shopping carts and my cosmetic bag. Time to brighten up and embrace Miss Marigold.

A few favourites I've purchased so far for Autumn are the Lonely Gold Cup Dress featured here, and their stunning Marigold Lena lingerie set. 

I also just noticed that Victoria and Woods have released a Creedence velvet story for winter so it looks like my yellow phase is most definitely back for a while.


Kelly Thompson blog Melbourne Marigold Lonely

If you, like me would like the sunshine to stick around all winter, here are some suggestions from my current wishlist, just click 'em to shop 'em, have fun!