Just as I was picking up pace on my blog things were put on hold as I was distracted by some unfortunate news that my work had been stolen and printed on various clothing items overseas. Last week was a very stressful week so I apologise for dropping off the radar for a bit and not posting much new content! On a much higher and exciting note I am pleased to share with you some of my new work for Tender Love and Carry that has just released and is available for you to pre-order first! Yay! A collection of three girls on cosmetic bags available in two different sizes - a Pouch as seen above and a Utility Box below which makes the perfect travel brush holder. It is so much fun to see my work take a different shape on product and I loved working on this project so much, hopefully there will be many more colabs like this in the future.


To order yours head over to my shop and check them out, they will be delivered in Nov if not sooner.


Perfectly polished and pretty in pink Pip is the cupcake queen.

Despite oven flushed cheeks she remains poised and pristine in pretty pencil skirts.

She bakes in a pastel salon as admirers queue and their waistlines grow along with their hearts.



With emerald hued eyes and an enigmatic smile Essie can sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

Tapping on your door with her case in hand her exotic elixir intoxicates, “do you have that in red?”

Left standing on your doorstep your wallet lighter you should feel guilty, but you are nothing but enamored.



Cass coos, she cuddles and caresses her canine companions.

Neighboring lads concoct clever scenarios in order to visit.

Charismatically clumsy, and occasionally naive, she is every daydream of the girl next door.

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