Hi Kelly, I’ve been a fan of yours from long time now, I’d like to ask a simple question about your drawings, do you use photo reference when drawing your ladies or is it coming all from your creative mind (postures, facial expressions, etc)? thanks!



Hi Marike! Thanks for your question. With my work I always work from reference, if I make things up I never really feel that it looks as realistic as if I work from reference imagery, I am also not that skilled when it comes to perspective, so I find having a reference helps me to visualise the correct directions of lines etc.. You have to be very careful about reference material though, it is important to respect the copyright of image producers so I try to photograph as much as I can, and often use myself as reference for body poses (then stretch and make everything taller!). If you are wanting to copy an image directly that isn't yours be sure to get permission from the photographer, or failing to do so be sure to credit them. If you are unable to shoot your own reference a lot of artists I know also collage references, this involves finding a face (for example) finding hair, finding hands and piecing together a new and original subject, a little bit of everything you like, then all you have to do is pull it all together and fill gaps when you draw. I find


 is a really great system for sorting reference material, I keep my reference material in Evernote now and have each image tagged so it is easy to find the exact reference I need without having to trawl the internet every time.