Q - Other than working as an illustrator/photographer have you had other jobs?  Jenni, via email 

A - Yes!

I don't know many illustrators who haven't had other jobs along the way, sometimes on the path to discovering your love job you have lots of little things to test out first, or you just need money to pay the bills!

While I was at school and during uni I always worked fashion retail, mainly for the perks and wardrobe, I never made any money (but was very happy!), and when I left university I managed a sunglass store while trying to pick up jobs as a photographer. While working as a photographer I wanted to learn how to do makeup so I could communicate better with my makeup artists on set, (I do funny things like that), so I trained as a freelance makeup artist at MAC, a job I loved which definitely still influences my illustration work.  During my time as a photographer I also dabbled in styling, had a few random cameos in film title sequences and secretly wished I was a gardener.

I spent a few semesters working as an illustration tutor at Massey University in Wellington, and after moving to Melbourne I worked at RMIT University. After living in Melbourne for about 6 months I started working as an account manager/producer at the Jacky Winter Group, Australia's top Illustration agency, probably one of the most beneficial jobs I've had as far as influencing my personal practice and educating me about the industry. 

Now even though I'm known primarily for my illustration work things are evolving further . More and more I'm acting as a creative consultant for brands, generating ideas, offering advice, or just working alongside people outside of the creative industry who want a different point of view, it is something I really enjoy! Things are constantly changing, but it keeps life interesting:)



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