Hi Kelly,

I’m wondering if you can also help with the scanning side of things – do you scan your own work or have this done as part of the printing process? I’m just starting out and trying to purchase a very good (but not stupidly expensive) A4 scanner, and I just don’t know what to go for. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you!

Aimee x


Hey Aimee! Thanks for your question.

If I have works that are A3 or smaller I scan them at home myself. As a general rule I like to scan at 400DPI which is higher than what you need (300DPI is adequate for print), I just do this so I have a little room to resize up if needed. I also always save my files as Tiffs over Jpegs. Previously I had a Canon MP495 A4 printer/scanner which was inexpensive and perfect for my requirements, I had it for years and it was great. I then decided I wanted an A3 scanner and wanted one that wasn't super expensive - A3 scanners are so hard to find, and so huge, I ended up giving up on appearance and size and getting a Brother MFC-J6510DW, it's ugly, but it does the job and was around $200 ish. I wouldn't say it is the most user friendly though, the Canon was definitely better in that respect.

For my larger scans I go to a place in Richmond Melbourne called TD3 and work with a guy called Sean, I think they scan up to A0 which is great, and they are pretty cheap. TD3 are the best scanning company that I have found here, and I tried many! Finding a professional scanner that is good is tricky, I always tell them not to do any colour adjustments as I found so many of them scan at bad settings then try to adjust them, making a mess of any delicate line work. An important tip is to always check the scan before they save it!

Hope that helps!