For those of you who haven't been reading recently or are just new to my blog I have decided to dedicate a section to answering questions that I receive via social media. You can read more about it here, and see other questions and answers by hitting the "Just Ask' category to the side here --------> 

I thought it would be a great way to keep FAQ's in one place, give my blog another dimension and also help those of you who support my work as much as I can.

So here is my very first question:  

Where can I view you work other than online or in a magazine?. Do you have some kind of Melbourne based gallery I can go to in order to see your work, and where can I find it ?

Your work is awesome

Kind Regards,


here). I have a selection of images framed for sale and have a few prints, postcard packs, mini packs and books available. If there is a specific piece you want to see I would advise letting me know in advance as I don't keep full printed stock on hand at all times. 

The Simon James Concept Store in Auckland New Zealand has a few pieces of the Darkness of Noon collection in store at the moment, you can find their details here

If you are getting married Mildred and Co have my work on the registry list and have a couple of pieces in their studio too, their details can be found here.

To view the Darkness of Noon Books there are many stockists so you best head on over to the Darkness of Noon site, otherwise you are welcome to see me in my space:) 

Thanks Luke!