Welcome to my very first Everyday Girl post,if you're not familiar with my Everyday Girl project yet, you can read a bit more about it here, but don't worry, it's only a new project and this is the first post, so you haven't missed much!

For a while I wondered if I would ever get my first drawing done for this, I started full of enthusiasm and then work got in the way, but thanks to Melbourne Cup Day I managed to sit down and spend some quality time colouring Emma who I met and photographed around four months ago. The first time I met Emma was at a local cafe, my first impression was that she was quite shy which I found really interesting considering the nature of the project. I soon learnt that she wasn't shy, but soft spoken and polite, and warmed quickly with conversation, talking about her children, her husband and her desire to pack everything up and adventure to France. I photographed Emma in her eclectic old home on a huge fabric covered couch, and she welcomed me warmly showing me through her collection of vintage coats and jewellery, deciding to wear a special favourite for our shoot. During my brief time with Emma she had a calm quiet confidence and I can tell a romantic adventurous spirit. 

Kelly Thompson Illustration blog Melbourne. The Everyday Girl Project

Name -   Emma Webb
Location - Melbourne
Profession - Graphic Designer



 What made you decide to take part in this project?
Firstly, I follow your work (have for years) and I like it! Secondly, I’m caught up in the corporate world which is pretty money hungry and cut throat and I like the idea of kicking against all of the negativity and meaninglessness of things – something we are in the process of doing in our own work too. In terms of this project, I’d like to be a supporter of your idea by being a part of it and also have that piece of art to show and say, I support this idea because it is important.

What is something you’d love to know more about?
Nothing specifically, just as long as I keep learning! 

   What personality traits are you most proud of?

              What things are you most trying to improve about yourself?
My patience

What makes you confident?

    What makes you feel beautiful?
When I wake up feeling happy and motivated.

 What is your idea of fun?
Hanging out with friends or travelling.

 What inspires you?
Beauty in the world or seeing something in a way I have never seen before.

 What causes or events do you feel passionate about?
Environmental, medical and social issues are the big three. I find these days it’s too hard to support everything that’s out there. I did a lot of work when I was young for a number of causes. These days, I support what I can and in areas that have affected or are affecting our personal lives at the time.

What simple thing makes you happy?
Flowers and cuddles

Favourite things?
Perfume, stationery

Favourite indulgence?
Champagne and desserts

Do you ever feel misunderstood? Why?
Yes, because people are often put in baskets when major things happen. For instance, I’m in the mum basket and the creative basket. There’s too much to say here.

  Please share a female you know who is kicking goals and doing great things?  
Zaria Forman – http://www.zariaforman.com

      Do you follow anyone on social media who inspires you or has imagery that makes you happy?
 This list is studpidly huge. I’ll include a few: Zaria Forman (above), JR , Laura Jones , Alberto Cerriteno, Tamsin Ainsle , Donald Robertson

 What makes you shy or feel less confident?
Being put down or misunderstood. Occasionally I put my foot in it as well :)

  How would you describe your personality?
Over protective and introverted.

 What do you think is your most beautiful feature?
My eyes

What makes you feel free?
Travel and wide open spaces.

         Name something or things you have to do or achieve before you die.
See my kids do well and make sure the time I spend with my husband is something we are proud of and enjoy. I hope whatever we do in this time we can make a difference for the better in whatever we do.

          The world needs more positive female role models, do you agree? Who do you think are good role models?
Yes, Michelle Obama