It's a great moment when you realise that your friends have grown up to be pretty damn talented and you notice them all start to head off in focused directions, years of all sorts coming together in a fruitful bundle of impressiveness - Welfe is one of those friends. During our university days we didn't know each other well, but everyone knew Welfe as the kingpin DJ leader of fluoro phenomenon Neon Sleep. Neon Sleep was a somewhat cult weekend obsession of colourful parties filled with "it" kids, and was possibly an early indicator of Welfe's dedication to making something he is passionate about a success.

After graduating and distinctly moving on from all things fluoro Welfe worked for an architectural firm and became specifically interested in jewellery design, opting to take night classes to learn basic skills. After leaving his job to work from a small home studio he designed limited edition collections for fashion wonder kids Strateas Carlucci while sharing a small collaborative shop space with them. With positive feedback his practice began to blossom and found him focused on commissions and small personal collections. This year he moved in to his first store and studio space in central Melbourne as part of the Captains of Industry building and has just set flight for Paris to showcase his latest collection Sunken. It is safe to say that things are most definitely on the way for Welfe.

With all of Welfe's pieces his history in design and architecture is obvious - items are approached with precision and an element of minimalism, but it is with the Sunken collection that he takes a slightly different step which results in his most beautiful story yet. Inspired by lost and found artifacts, and heirlooms in moments of degeneration this new collection has a softer more feminine touch, it retains the signature minimalism, but it has more warmth thanks to the use of colourful gemstones and more delicate finishes and sizing. Despite being modern the pieces touch just enough on the traditional so they mix quite perfectly with your own family heirlooms, they are contemporary without being too now.  

Throughout fashion week I was lucky enough to wear a selection of rings from the Sunken collection and friends and strangers like magpies were fascinated by his individual and beautiful approach. Welfe's designs are largely unisex, come in a variety of finishes and can also be commissioned if you would like to have something special just for you or for your love.

Check out Welfe's site here  and if you're in Paris and would like to take a look get in touch with him quick!

Mon – Sat / 9am – 5pm

Captains of Industry

Level 1, 2 Somerset Place

Melbourne CBD

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