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As a child of the 80's I was first inspired by the immaculate movie star beauties of my parents or grandparents era, then Madonna of course and for a brief semi-punk moment women such as Gwen Stefani. Basically my beauty inspiration summarised concisely was all about full and matte makeup. For years, particularly when I was a serious zit face (that was many years) the matte lived strong, slathered on, full white face, but glamorous right? 

As I got older I got sick of the touch ups and creasing and soon started trying creme blushes, lighter concealers and then one day Rationale Beautiful Skin... at which point I freaked out and covered it all with heavy powder. It wasn't the product that was the problem, only my heavy makeup past and the comparative lightness of it all. Since then and after a couple of initial weeks of weening off the matte there is no way you would catch me with a full face of foundation, I am officially foundation free and have instead been illuminating for the last few years. 

Last week I got my hands on the new and dare I say even lighter, more luminous formulation of Rationale Beautiful Skin which if it got any lighter would be water weight. The colour has been improved across all three shades, the texture is so liquid it's hard to believe it is so packed with goodness, and I am now wearing less makeup than I have ever. I personally think my skin looks better, I just put the tiniest bit of powder down my T.zone and some concealer under my eyes and my base is done for the whole day, no caking or touch ups or dry bits in sight.

Team it with a darker shade to enhance your contours, a light powder in your T-zone (if you're like me and a little too shiny) then lightly press a creme blush to your cheeks for youthful radiance.