Image - Balenciaga W Magazine

When I was a young girl my Mum had a friend from London who probably visited only five times throughout my childhood, but left an everlasting impression. I cant remember exactly how she looked, but I do recall she was very tall and slim with long black hair, arms stacked with bracelets and style that was never witnessed anywhere in the small town I grew up in. Amanda would show up somewhat unexpected - one time with a new husband who I remember snored terribly and had my brother and I laughing all night, then she came with her female "friend" and no mention of what happened to the husband, perhaps the snoring got in the way. I was always excited when Amanda came to visit, she was exotic had great stories and was like no other person I had ever met, she was my first introduction to fashion. 

Before Amanda left after visiting one day she gave me two hats - one an excessively wide brimmed navy cane hat with a floral skull, it flopped over my eyes and I couldn't see a thing, but I felt ever so glamorous, the second was a purple suede fedora. From that point I became a child obsessed with hats, though unfortunately for me I lived in a town where a hat was an invite for bullying so the hats never left the house. I was reminded of my hat enthusiasm as an adult when Kate Sylvester released a black felt fedora. I purchased it, put it on, took it off, and put it on again, it always felt huge, I needed some time to warm up, but have been wearing it on a regular basis for many years now, it is one of my most worn accessory purchases.


With the release of YSL's SS13 wide brimmed hats I recently decided I needed more size and luckily for me discovered the Montana Midnight Musefeatured above from the Lack of Colour website. Lack of Colour offers a range of colourful yet affordable hats and at only $85 I then had some change to buy their sweet little Miami Mint Hat, my head is very happy.