Obviously when agreeing to work on this project my friend had done so with generosity, not expecting any form of payment in return, but there is much difference between financial payment and simple acknowledgement, something that would have rewarded her a million times over in just a moment for her days of inspired work. It has got me thinking about how self absorbed we can be with our own work and lives, and has left me wondering, do we give thanks enough? I decided to look at the French Navy website for some etiquette lessons on saying thank you and came back with the following tips:

To send a thank you note:

A thank you note should be written on receipt of a present, (awesome free illustration work), hospitality or some other kindness and  posted within the week. That said, better late than never is most definitely the case.

To write a thank you note:

While a thank you note should always be written from the heart, including the 4 key points as listed below will help with the format and flow of the note.

1. A greeting

2. A message of thanks

3. A mention of how useful the gift will be

4. A suggestion to see them soon

If you feel like you have been a bit slack at dishing out the gratitude and would like special "Thank You" Stationery to make it easier, check out the French Navy site for some pre-prepared options like the one below here .

Thanks for reading:)

Photograph - Tim Walker .