Beauty advertising is often quite disappointingly full of crap. In general I don't buy in to it after clearing bathroom cabinets full of overhyped product, but lately I have been lucky to be pleasantly surprised by products that actually live up to all the hype, most recently including the new GHD Aura hair dryer. My hair has been all colours, it is overdyed, overstyled, and a standard home wave around blowdry often leaves me looking like a triangle head of mess. (thank god for hero hair straighteners!). I thought a hairdryer was a hairdryer I'll admit I was a skeptic, but the Aura is super light and quiet using patented Laminair technology and ionisers that remove static electricity giving me noticably smoother hair - All those gadgets must be as fancy as they sound as my hair now finishes smooth and I would go as far as saying it is my hair miracle.

Check out the cute comic style illustrated advertising campaign too on the NZ GHD Instagram page here