Despite what the current weather situation in Melbourne leads me to believe, Summer is on it's way...finally. You would think that my life of computer screen staring would have my iris trained tough and light resistant, but my vampirish eyes are sensitive wee things and despite feeling like a dork, I wear sunglasses on even the greyest of days. With sunshine hours not too far away it's time to take a look at what frames to add to the wardrobe.

1. Karen Walker The Harvest - After the unfortunate airport loss of my black Karen Walker Super Dupersand my inability to resist colourful options such as the Orbit frames I have found myself without an essential - a black pair of frames. With a wedding to attend in summer The Harvest is the perfect balance of delicate details and full black out lenses. 

2. Ruby Boutique Terrace Glasses - Decoratedfashion frames always catch my eye, but the price of them usually leads my eyes right back to something more versatile. For those of you who hold similar budgetary considerations Ruby have released these cute frames at a great price, so even if they only tickle our fancy for a season, they are still worth every cent. 

3. Thierry Lasry Cat Eye Sunglasses - Because every girl needs a glam frame for all the festivities!

4 .Illesteva Leonard Half Mirrored  - Since living in Australia I have seen reflective lenses everywhere, what I like about these is that they take the lenses, but ditch the sporty frame. No nose zinc required.