Just over a year ago I launched my blog on my website, encouraged to do so by a group of very well known bloggers who I had the pleasure of spending a week with on a campaign in sunny Broome. At the point of meeting them I didn't have a blog, barely had Instagram and knew little of it, I was quite the odd one out, but during our time together they gave me friendly encouragement to embrace social media, and shared with me their stories of social media success and enjoyment. While my own blog has only just started to find its feet stylistically and is in a different vein to what they have, I can now say that I understand the enjoyment of having a place to share thoughts, work and inspirations and I am pleased to say that a year after my own blog launch the girls were right and I have enjoyed much positive response to my direction.

This response has come much faster than anticipated, and so for my first blog birthday I decided to relaunch with a new look and functionality with the intention of dedicating more time to content. I want this space to not only be for showcasing my work and work in progress, but to share knowledge with fellow creatives, celebrate people I know doing amazing things, and also dedicate time to fashion and importantly great things coming out of my home New Zealand.

When I look at a blog I always get frustrated that I have to scroll through pages and pages to find specific posts, and so I have opted for a grid layout so you can see the first image of each post. You can sort using the category symbols above - deselecting any you don't want to view, choosing as few or as many categories as you like. Once you find an image of interest you simply click through to read the full entry where you are welcome to comment or link to similar articles. It's all really easy, hopefully more engaging, and just another thing to keep me extra busy, but happily busy with you involved.

So sit back, take off your shoes, be inspired and take a look around, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and look forward to our second year together!

Special thanks to Ryan Harte from Slowpulse Studios for all of his web coding efforts!



Photographer unknown, but every birthday needs some icecream.