It's a popular year for big birthdays, Karen Walker Eyewear and Russh Magazine just ticked over 10 years, Kate Sylvester celebrated an impressive 21, and last week Juliette Hogan celebrated her 10th birthday. If I were a little more superstitious I may be inclined to comment on stars aligning because that's a lot of success all brewing at the same time...I wonder what Susan Miller would say about that.

It's no surprise that Juliette Hogan made it to 10, as a label that covers wardrobe necessities with distinct JHo feminine charm, she has her corner of the market covered. Everyone I know has owned at least one of her pieces, and some of my long standing go to items are from many seasons ago, still going strong. During a pleated skirt phase of mine I managed to acquire three of Juliette's floaty pleat skirts, and I still whip them out for a spin every summer, or wear them over tights with big wool coats during colder months. 

No doubt in benefit to her success is Juliette's genuine, friendly personality and warmth. During fashion week she personally delivered my summer purchases to me because I couldn't make it to her studio in time, and really wanted to wear them to her show, what.a.babe. I am sure that the Juliette Hogan brand will continue to grow strong for another ten years easily, and I can't wait to see what happens next in the story of this NZ icon.

Happy birthday Juliette! xoxox


Photographer  -  Olivia Hemus