The Melbourne summer seems to be forgetting about the summer part at least twice a week at the moment. There is no full warm through, basking day after day in vitamin D, and the do I need a coat? question is occurring much too regularly and soon for this Leo. The plus side of this up and down weather is that you can mix and match summer and winter pieces which has quite a rejuvenating effect on the wardrobe. French Connection recently released this ridiculously affordable capewhich is beautifully soft and also quite handy for a picnic blanket emergency situation! I'm a long time cape fan and (let's face it nobody uses sleeves anyway) I've been wearing it with my favourite high wasted jeans and a vintage tee, ready for whatever this summer may throw my way.

Cape  - French Connection   /  Jeans  -Karen Walker  /  Tee -  Similar here,here /  Bracelet  -  Elke Kramer and similar