I've always been pretty frightened when it comes to buying sunglasses online, I have a slightly wider face and sometimes finding the right fit can be a nightmare - frame shopping online always seemed much too risky for me (and my giant head). Luckily for me I was recently introduced to Smart Buy Glasses NZ and many of my fears were resolved, resulting in these Celine Audrey frames making it home to me. One of my favourite things about Smart Buy Glasses (other than being able to shop previous collections, and get the ones I missed out on), is their easy sorting function - not only can you sort by brand, special features, gender and top sellers, you can also sort by style, a quick step to get to the oversized I love. Another handy addition is the inclusion of the frame measurement, so you can easily compare to what you have at home and be sure you get what suits you.

I am always on the hunt for frames that are an alternative to black, and these deep olive green Celine Audreys were an instant winner for me. Green perfectly matches with wardrobes of warm tan and crisp white for summer, and olive is a beautiful complementary colour for bronzed summer skin...when I get some.

Enjoy your shopping, have a great weekend!