This is my skin, I feel like a bit of a dork in this photo, I had to take it myself and this is the best I could manage, BUT I wanted to talk to you about this new product, and I wanted to show you my skin, no concealer, no retouch, no blusher, just eye makeup. I'm a foundation fan, most likely due to my predisposition for spots and some old teenage scars - I like the finish, the even tone, and am I imagining things, but I'm pretty sure it makes my face look younger? In saying all of this, good foundation is a bitch to find, and being the makeup perfectionist that I am I feel much frustration in relation to how it lasts, if only it had that first 15 minute freshness all day long!

Being a sucker for new cosmetic products, my eyes instantly grew wide to learn that Rationale had released a new foundation, no, not a foundation, a Luminizing Serum promising many amazing things, including that it will change the way we view foundation forever - forever is a long time considering I have been wearing foundation forever already. Had it been another brand I would have been particularly suspicious about such claims, but having witnessed the brilliance of their skincare already (more on that later) I decided to give it a try.

After prepping my skin with Rationale skincare I poured a small amount of the new Luminizing Serum on to warm, clean fingers. I was unsure if I would be colour C1 colour (for pale pink based skin) or C2  (for warmer tones) as although I am pale I am more yellow based, thankfully Rationale always have fantastic service, so they sent me both to try at home. ( I am a C1 whitey btw). The first time I tried the Luminizing Serum I did a very very light layer, this was too little as I didn't see much difference. I gave it another try the next day and applied a little more - I instantly understood the hype, they were right, my opinions have officially changed about foundation, this is better.

So what's so great about it? On surface level it has an almost metallic looking glow ( I tried to get this in the photo, maybe not my best work?), it's a good metallic, I look radiant, not greasy, and have a healthy glow that is dry to the touch (perfect for me, an ex greaseball, I hate oily skin!). It doesn't rest, no sinking in to creases or caking around the nose, ensuring my skin still looks good after hours of wear, and despite it being water light, it somehow manages to conceal redness and illuminate dullness. Magic?

After getting past the visual pleasures there is also fantastic science, and a whole lot of skin nourishing ingredients, so for once I am caring, and protecting, not only covering, if you want to read further about the benefits and active ingredients head here to take a look (read the tabs on the bottom of the page).

So how does a committed foundation wearer deal with this extremely light comparison? I wear this product daily now (other than on "stay home" days), and have also been so bold as to wear it out to an event, with just a small amount of pressed powder on my T-zone, concealer under my eyes and normal eye makeup etc (big step for me no foundation). People commented on my radiance! If I'm feeling a little naked I sometimes apply it to my full face then once dry I put a very very light wash of foundation on specific areas such as my chin that need a little more help. Overall since using this product my skin is clearer, I have less chin breakouts and my cheeks look great! Rationale Luminizing Serum really is the glow to know, grab a free sample by contacting them, and check it out!