I think I may have mentioned last year on my blog that I had some fresh things in the pipeline to expand on my brand. At that point I was very excitedly working towards a small capsule collection with a heavy focus on illustrated print that I was very passionate about and incredibly excited to launch. This may have been a lesson about speaking too soon as unfortunately after 6 months of working late after hours I was left high and dry when a partner pulled out. After a month feeling slightly disheartened and licking my wounds looking at much fabric (that I endeavour to use at a later date) I have decided to take all lessons I can from the situation and hope that they will manifest in to better success under different circumstances. I instead re-evaluated and decided to do something small to start while I make fresh plans, just so I am getting something out there that I can then build on. 

Despite being very much a girly girl I have become slightly infatuated with good sweatshirts. It started with the Ruby Boutique Mr Destiny sweatshirt  which became my go to last winter, and since then I have been slowly building my sweat collection, loving the soft fluffy insides, but still retaining my femininity teaming them with skirts or wearing feature collars underneath. This Autumn I wanted a grey marle sweat, but I wanted one with a bold graphic so I could wear it crisp with a white skirt and not sink full deep in to the dulls of winter. I couldn't find one for less than $400 (ridiculous) so I have decided to make my very first sweat, not only for me, but also making it available for you too, my very first fashion item, I am very excited!

The sweatshirt will be ready end of May, start of June, but as a special offer to my blog and social media followers I have decided to offer the first 20 pre order customers a 33% discount to say a huge thanks for helping me along my way.

Want one? Head over to my shop and PRE ORDER YOURS HERE