I own a lot of high heels.

I am in denial about the kind of life I actually lead, but when I see a beautiful pair I can't help but snap them up (bank balance permitting, please pay me on time ;) ). My alternate self prances around in heels all day, attends glamorous events and breathes fresher air 10cm higher than my reality can reach. Reality considered leaving toenails unpolished, but just before things became too far gone fashion came to the rescue swinging lines frantically such as "Day to Night Flats", "Masculine Chic" and an assortment of punchy lines only Editors can nail. And so the flats made a wardrobe comeback, far from the ballet flats of my university days, these flats were slick and refined, yet playful with masculine polish. My illustrators routine of post shop errands and meetings has become comfortable yet refreshingly cool, my new flats have me feeling more "dressed" than ever before. 

 Lanvin Glossed Brogues (Now on sale even better)  /  Moschino Bow Flats from Myer Melbourne  /  Miu Miu Pointed Brogues