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A true fashion enthusiast can't help but get excited about a new season and what wardrobe refreshment it may bring. Australia and New Zealand have always been a source of fashion inspiration for the rest of the world, and this year’s no exception. From girly matching co-ordinate pieces to bold metallic looks, Australasian fashion lovers are picking up trends that everyone will gladly follow. Here are some top winter trends to get you inspired.





That Velvet Feel

Velvet is one of the hottest (and softest) trends this season. From dresses to skirts and tops, velvet pieces are bound to find a place in your wardrobe. The most appealing thing about velvet dresses is that they can be easily transformed to fit the occasion. Layer a velvet slip dress and crisp tee with sneakers for daytime strolls, then remove the layers when you’re headed out to an evening party. Romantic V-neck dresses are ideal for a date night!


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  Credits - Photographer unknown

Credits - Photographer unknown

  Credits - Marie Claire Brazil  /  Teen Vogue  /  Vogue

Credits - Marie Claire Brazil  /  Teen Vogue  /  Vogue






Matching sets have been considered dull and uninspiring by many (blame your accountant), but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sporting two pieces that match perfectly is an absolute hit this season. The most fun combinations include denim on denim ala Wynn Hamlynn, crop tops and pencil skirts, and deconstructed men's styling with feminine details. When co-ordinating pieces remember to follow the golden rules: aim for at least one of the following - the same colour, texture, or material for both or all pieces. 


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What About Colours?


Red rules

The colour red is stealing the show right now. It doesn’t matter whether you choose cooler or warmer shades; the colour of passion makes you look confident, chic and stylish. Red is a timeless classic and an effective way of showing your fiery side, it is also proven to influence confidence (and also hunger) so wear it to your next meeting to give yourself that extra boost you need to nail a presentation. 


Sophisticated Jewels

Jewel tones are high and mighty on the fashion scene this year and they promise a classy and sophisticated style. Whether you opt for emerald, sapphire, ruby or amethyst hues, you’ll always look like a million bucks. However, if these gem-like pieces are too striking for you, subtle jewel toned details on heels and clutches will also do the trick and are a handy way to add colour to a monochrome wardrobe.








The metallics are high in demand this season and so they should be!  Almost every piece you can think of is displaying golden, silver, cobalt or copper tones. Both dresses and pants are rich in shiny decorative details and their shimmer isn’t only reserved for night time. Slip into a pair of disco pants the next time you go out for a casual downtown coffee and brighten not only your day, but everyone else's.


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 Credits - Trelise Cooper  /  Vogue  /  YSL

Credits - Trelise Cooper  /  Vogue  /  YSL

All-Time flats


If you think that you can’t wear flats on a girl’s night out, then think again! It’s true that high heels hold the throne when it comes to going out after dark, but they got some serious competition. Pointed flats with a slight kitten heel lengthen your legs and make them appear slimmer, giving just the right amount of a sexy look, only with one advantage – they are super comfortable. This flirty footwear is ideal for dancing all night long, so be sure to find a place (front row) for them in your wardrobe. 


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From velvet pieces and co-ordinated skirts, to shiny metallic and jewel tones, autumn and winter are looking pretty good so far. Pick your favourite trends and start building your personal, Aussie-approved style. 

 This article is from our lovely contributor,  Author  Tracey Clayton   , Thanks Tracey! 

This article is from our lovely contributor,  Author Tracey Clayton  , Thanks Tracey!