Hey gals! What are you up to? Ever wanted to be part of an art project and be one of my illustrated girls?

I'm embarking on a project called Everyday Girls, a project inspired by the girls who challenge me to be better every day, the girls who are comfortable in their skin (or trying hard to get there), girls kicking goals and finding their own path in this big bad world. I am looking for everyday girls like you to take part, share a story and be a subject in my next body of illustration work.  

So what does it all involve?

This project is intended to be a celebration of female individuality, any girl can be one of my Everyday Girls, I want all bodies, all races, all styles and personalities. I plan to get to know my subjects so I can understand what makes them special. First up each participant will be asked to fill in a little questionnaire, this questionnaire will be relatively low key, based around your favourite things, inspirations, goals, role models. Where possible I would also like to meet with participants, chat and get to know them better, I always find the most successful illustrations start with a connection.
If you are in Melbourne I would love to come and photograph you in person, in your own space, and will aim to photograph other girls whenever I go to different cities. 
This project will span over a long time, my intention is to create one or two illustrations per month and create an ongoing project. Unfortunately this will mean I can't illustrate everyone, but I will keep you on file and be in touch when gaps pop up if you really want to take part.

If you are comfortable with nudity or partial nudity that is always great, but not a necessity, it's about you being comfortable and representing your body your way.

What will I do?

Where possible I will photograph you myself, occasionally I will work from supplied imagery, but will aim to capture you personally if I can. I will then choose my favourite selections and show them to you so you are happy and from there I will illustrate you pulling on the inspiration I find from talking to you and your questionnaire. You may end up in a field of candy in full colour or surrounded by exotic creatures, this will all depend on what I learn about you or experience from you. The illustrations will be used on my social media and in a designated collection on my website where you will be showcased individually accompanied by your questionnaire answers and a little blurb about you. If the collection is successful they may end up in a book or an exhibition. Each participant will be treated as an individual and we will sign an agreement allocating you a certain amount of copies, or whatever you feel you require in exchange, this can be negotiated individually.

How can I be an Everyday Girl?

It's pretty easy, all you need to do is leave a small comment below, when you fill in the form I automatically receive your email address and from there I can contact you privately to get the conversation started. I will reply to everyone who gets in touch, so please don't feel like you will miss out if there is a lot of interest, it may just take me a bit of time to get though:)


I look forward to meeting you all, please comment below if you have any questions and I will answer them ASAP.