When I was a child I did ballet like most girls did, every girl wanted to be a ballerina at some point right? Turns out I hated it, it was too slow, I was too impatient, my teacher was a granny and I just wasn't in to it, so at age 7 I quit. Now sitting typing this I think about illustrations influence on my posture and boy do I regret giving up, if I could go back to little 7 year old Kelly I would sit her down, whisper in her ear and make her keep going, or at least talk her in to taking up pilates young. 

These days, despite my lack of participation I find nothing more captivating than experiencing a dance performance. This recent release by Saint Laurent simply titled "Dance Part 2" features S.L muse Lida Fox effortlessly clad in waxed jeans and an unbuttoned shirt hypnotising us as she dances to "Trick or Treat" composed and performed by Clementine Creevy. How much do you wish you could do back bends like that!? I'm off to do some stretches.