When I was in University my boyfriend gave me issue 1 of the Curvy book with a little note inside the cover reading 'To my very own Curvy creator, looking forward to seeing your work in here", we eventually broke up, but I have to hand it to him, a little gift of inspiration is a great gift to give, and come issue two I was officially a Curvy contributor. Since then my work has been featured on Curvy pages many times, and now at issue 8 the book continues to inspire creative females and support aspiring illustrators.

This year things are getting mixed up at Curvy HQ with fresh alignment with the Semi Permanent conference Sydney and a new direction for the book. Issue #9 will no longer be focused only on illustration, it will now be divided in to three parts, Illustration, Photography and Fashion - the extra exciting part for me is that I have been invited to curate the illustration section, sourcing my favourite females from around the world and selecting from the thousands of impressive submissions. Curating the fashion section will be talented jeweller Elke Kramer and the photographic section will be managed by award winning photographer Claire Martin.

Taking this edition to the next level there will also be a three day evolving exhibition as part of the Semi Permanent Sydney cultural side events. By evolving I mean that with each day the exhibition will grow, promising an overload of daily visual inspiration, and there will also be the "Curvy Panel" where myself and my co curators will involve the Semi Permanent audience in an open discussion about all things art and design.

In an effort to raise funds for this new plus sized spectacular edition Curvy has launched a Kickstarter campaign here . With pledge amounts that won't break the bank, but ensure a copy of the book I know they would appreciate any support that you can give, it's tough work self-funding a book and exhibition so take a look and see what you can pledge.

For tickets to come along to Semi Permanent get in quick, some options are nearly sold out!  

Illustration by previous Curvy artist Miss Van