During 2011 I was asked to be a guest speaker at Semi Permanent  a creative conference that happens each year and travels from Australia to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Stockholm and most recently LA. I spoke at three of the conferences that year, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and regularly had feelings of not being worthy when speaking alongside the likes of Kayt Jones (of ID Magazine fame) and Annie Sperling (Set designer for David LaChapelle). Speaking at Semi Permanent almost felt like coming full circle, having attended Semi P as a student I remember sitting in the audience feeling quite overwhelmed, overinspired and in awe of the creatives I saw, determined to work harder, but in no way expecting that I would one day be in the speaker's shoes sharing my work and experinces with an audience of my own. It is quite a feeling to stare out at a huge audience I once was part of and realise that it is all quite achievable after all with a bit of hard work, and I find much pleasure in telling my own audience that they can do it too, and perhaps be the next generation of Semi P speakers.

This is probaby something I should remember now as I focus on expanding my client base Internationally and go through moments of wondering where to start!

I am very excited to now be invited back as a speaker at Semi Permanent 2013, this time home in New Zealand for the Auckland event to share with the audience who probably knows my work best. The event will coincide with the NZ launch of my book Darkness of Noon, so I am excited to head back for the exciting duo of events, and hopefully squeeze in some photoshoots while I'm there.

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