Ah this fabric! You put it on and feel like you need nothing else...other than a dance partner perhaps, or a breeze to ruffle you up. It seemed only relevant being an artist that I commented on a fabric named "Chiaroscuro" ( For those non artist types Chiaroscuro is an Italian word used to describe extreme contrast between light and dark particularly in paintings). This "Chiaroscuro" fabric by Liam is one of those special additions, a feature in your wardrobe that will no doubt bring compliments and admirable stares. It's hard to find an interesting textured fabric, but when you do your whole wardrobe of basics becomes instantly alive, you feel confident and can't help but shimmy your hips with every step. There is a definite element of movie star, but with minimal fuss, a textured piece needs very little extra...other than a cocktail. 

Makeup Note: MAC So Chaud Matte Lipstick teamed with MAC white eyeliner, give instant party appeal and sparkly eyes. 

Check out the Chiaroscuro top here

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