It started with an impromptu walk in to a shopping mall piercing salon, I was on my way to the Post Shop, how's that for procrastination. Twenty minutes later with three fresh piercings in my left ear I considered the fact that a 44 degree day probably wasn't the best day to be poking holes in ones body. For two weeks I avoided the head dunk in the pool, spritzed my ear twice a day and resisted the urge to pull out the ugly space holders and decorate myself with gold. When the heal was complete I joyfully pulled open my jewellery drawer to see what combinations my triple puncture could manage, only to find that I didn't actually own and tiny earrings...pfft, how's that for planning. Not one to let things stand in the way of accessorising a quick visit to the Bing Bang NYC website found me with a full cart of cute, yet very affordable pieces (at least half that had nothing to do with my ears), and my excitement for the mail delivery had me watching for the mailman daily. For those of you who are not familiar with Bing Bang they create many delicate jewellery essentials for everyday girls who love to mix things up every day without breaking the bank. Their pieces walk the fine line between edgy and feminine and offer metal options to suit individual preference - they are all perfectly stackable and highly covetable.

I soon found myself in email conversation with the girls and Bing Bang, and just like that the Gods of happy accessorising jumped on board and we began talking about things we can do together, and things we can do for you my lovely readers and supporters. As a little thank you to all of my social media followers and to introduce you to some new jewellery box essentials Bing Bang NYC and I are offering you a 30% discount on all pieces on their online store, that pretty much makes them the best priced jewellery ever!

To cash in your discount (you most definitely should right now) head to their site here and when you're at the checkout enter BBlovesKT to get 30% off. You can thank me later.

I'm going back for seconds...

Enjoy your new jewels!