A few years ago I was in the frightening situation where it was suspected I had breast cancer. At only 24 I had developed a strangely swollen and hard right breast, and with no other explanation I was subjected to a range of tests and much waiting as doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. Fortunately for me after two months everything settled down back to normal and I was given the all clear. Doctors never figured out what was wrong with me, but the memory of being faced with the possibility of cancer still remains very strong in my mind, I have much respect for organisations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation to help support women during all stages of this horrible disease.

This year as part of their fundraising campaign The Breast Cancer Foundation teamed with Sealy beds and decided to create something special in order to raise funds. They approached four New Zealand creatives including myself and asked us to create patterns, or work with Sealy to create artworks to be printed on mattresses and bed bases. I have had a little thing for Flamingos lately so I decided to create a Flamingo repeat mattress with a feather base, it also seemed fitting considering that pink is the colour used to represent the Breast Cancer Foundation.

The beds will be listed on TradeMe from Nov 18th until Mon Dec 2nd with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to assist with supporting women with breast cancer. Please dig deep and bid not only to take home a beautiful limited edition bed, but to also help women in need.

Photo by Bruce Webber  /  My repeat patterns and bed  /  Bed by Otis Frizzell  /  Bed by Hollie Smith  /  Bed by Tanya Carlson