I wish I was a little bit taller....

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I'm far from a baller, I played netball for a while like all good NZ gals, but without the height these heels give me, I'm an obvious basketball fail. My business partner on the other hand is a 6ft3 basketball enthusiast, and in the interest of getting me equally enthused he purchased me this giant Golden State singlet for my birthday. Size small mens size, still huge!

So I wanted to fashion this sports top somehow, make it more Kelly because I love the colour and it's comfy as hell, but I'm not an active wear girl AT ALL unless I'm actually being active.  First things first grooming was important - with a ponytail and no makeup I just looked like I was going to the gym, so lippy and a little GHD time were first up. Here I am wearing MAC Lady Danger, one of my all time favourite orange based red lipsticks.

Then I looked at complementary colouring, the yellow is so bright so I decided to roll with it and work around the primary colours to keep it popping and fun. When I piece together an outfit I like to repeat a colour, or textures, or focus on a tones of one colour (eg dark blue with pastel blue and tertiary blue). In this case I bounced the yellow from the top through the outfit with the Karen Walker bag . This bag matched perfectly and had a good vintage feel when teamed with my old favourite heels and lurex socks! The big beautiful warm Karen Winter Coat, was necessary due to the weather, but I also enjoyed that it was a little outdoorsy looking, and kinda tied in with the faux casual of it all.

If you want to join the team Jersey World is the huge online shop my singlet came from. I'm always drawn to the colours, but make sure you google your players and team (or ask an educated pal) so you're not just a fashion victim. Below are some other suggestions to mix and match your own baller inspired look.

SHOP: City baller items to match your singlet:

Photography: www.wonokim.com