For some reason whenever I think of "Motel Mexicola" the Hotel California song pops in to me head - I don't know why, but I have a silly knack for relating things or conversations to songs. Despite my word association the two are very different trust me, but while you can never leave Hotel California, you may not choose to leave Motel Mexicola ... ever!

At first I did think it a bit of a cop out to eat snacks at a Mexican place whilst in Bali, but one look at the exterior and I had to go inside, who could resist with so many things to look at? Motel Mexicola is my idea of colour heaven, providing instant happiness and all I could think about was how spectacular it would be to shoot editorial there...or maybe even just live there. An expansive venue with clashing tiles, mismatched patterns, elements of 60s kitsch and strawberry Daiquiris to match, it is an unmissable spot, and if you are in Bali you have to visit, I cant wait to visit again.

Motel Mexicola

Jl Kayujati No 9X Petitenget Beach, Seminyak, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80361