Coming to Bali I had to find some monkeys, and so during a day tour we stopped off at the Monkey Forest in Ubud so I could get excited about them. Armed with my bag of bananas purchased at entry we ventured in to the lush forest, and as they swarmed around my feet and lazed on the footpath, I said out loud "You can kinda understand why celebrities want monkeys as pets" - at that point all I could see was a whole lot of cute. I held out one banana at a time to baby monkeys who gladly took them, peeled them back and gobbled away, I was feeling just as I do when walking past a pet shop, my eyes were blurred by all things fluffy. I soon learned that maybe buying a bunch of bananas was a bad idea - a greedy adult with bared teeth took a snap at my leg when one banana wasn't enough, he started to chase me and my escape came only when other tourists made a wall of distraction so I could sneak away behind them. I put the remaining bananas inside my zipped up bag and decided to take photos instead - cute factor had by this point decreased from 100+% to around 50%.

When we decided to leave I had a few bananas left so I opened my bag to pull them out, my bag was grabbed by a fat fella who proceeded to wrestle for it. He pulled hard, and in fear of damaging the leather I reluctantly let go, sacrificing half a bag of bananas, and a few bucks that I was too scared to grab back - it's ok though my bag was rescued. I was happy to see and pat some monkeys and would definitely go again, but next time no bananas!