Hello from the whitest person in Bali! I was thinking the other day how priorities change so much as you get older - had I been 17 year old Kelly in Bali I would have been sun baking all day desperate to get the ultimate holiday tan, but now I'm more about adventuring, eating and experiencing, the tan is last on the list. I'm feeling pretty happy as my minor holiday goals have been achieved, if only life goals were so easy - I'll show you more of the Monkey Forest soon, so cute! 

One thing I am really enjoying about Bali is the parallel between relaxation and apparent chaos and the energy it generates. Construction is happening everywhere - alongside ancient temples new villas are rising while dogs laze roadside unafraid of traffic. Slow motion sunburnt tourists wearily stroll in the heat as scooters loaded with families and all manner of stacked items zip past. The roads lack any grid system instead winding in and around buildings - from the outside it appears there are no road rules, but you soon learn it is more about courtesy and awareness of others, which results in much more fluid travel than any Western traffic light system can achieve. 

Holidaying in a place like Indonesia makes me think about how rigid our society is. I've sampled some amazing food, purchased from small stalls - on the beach yesterday a man was selling corn grilled fresh from a cart, sneakily delivering it to tourists eating at terrible beach side tourist traps. These experiences would all be impossible in New Zealand or Australia, no cart without a hand basin would be permitted because we would all ultimately die of food poisoning right? We all need to lighten up.