2014 was a good year overall, but I finished feeling exhausted, and somewhat unsatisfied. Over my summer break (while relaxing) I did a lot of thinking about what I want to do to regain satisfaction, and also diversify in order to progress both professionally and personally. During this thinking time I set myself some rules and goals, and I also thought about what I can do to help others, along with thinking about the feedback I constantly receive.

One of the side things that kept popping up were art classes. I am always somehow involved in education, either through public speaking, guest tutoring roles and most recently at Work-shop with art classes, and whenever I take these classes I always have lots of requests from people overseas or in different cities for me to do classes for them. This feedback has encouraged me to start developing a series of art classes that can be subscribed to and taken online, either as singular classes or as longer running blocks. I am just planning them out now and hope to have them completed before mid year for you.

Where possible I want these classes to be very interactive, and I hope that they will not only encourage creatives to get making, but also build a community of honest communication across all areas of creative industry, including business, pricing, client communication and related side channels. I write this blog post now to start this communication and ask you what is of interest - if you were subscribing to an online class series what would be helpful and most relevant to you?

Share your thoughts below in the comment section and I will be sure to keep them in mind when planning my first online tutorials and discussions!



Photograph  -  Vogue