I started this year by making a list of people I admire for their work and creativity, and from that list I sent surprise gifts, just to say I think they're great. It was something I did because there is nothing nicer than receiving a gift, out of the blue it can completely brighten your day. I didn't expect or want anything in return, I just wanted to do something nice, but I did become interested in how people responded. Some people said thanks, some obviously thought it strange, some people Instagrammed a photo and some people I don't know if they even received them. A couple of months later I ran a competition and gave away some postcard packs to people who followed my work on Instagram, those people were so ridiculously grateful almost emotionally so that I decided I should keep them in mind next time I decide to send some love mail, I don't ever wish to be someone who only ever posts, but never responds, I find this almost greedy and is one of the things I dislike the most about Instagram. 

Facebook and Instagram each week for the month, sometimes more than once a week, just to say a huge thank you for all of your kind words and support throughout my time growing as an illustrator.

xoxo Kelly