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Hello! I hope you're having a lovely relaxing weekend. 

I am opening up a few spots for art classes again, both group classes and one on one classes. I always really enjoy sharing and teaching and am currently raising funds for my Everyday Girl project, so thought it could be a great idea to start offering night or weekend classes again. For parents thinking of this for their children I previously taught illustration for two semesters at Massey University in Melbourne and have also taught two semesters at RMIT Melbourne alongside having over 10 years industry experience. 

There are a few different subject possibilities, but I am happy to tailor classes to suit individual learning requirements and interests. Classes can be taught to all ages and all experience levels. A few possibilities are:

1 . Drawing fundamentals - Various drawing techniques and how to observe your subject.

2. How to turn your drawing hobby in to a job, including focus on approaching agents, building a folio and important business practice.

3. Licensing, costing and the business side of creative business.

4. Digital colouring and drawing techniques.

There is the option of single classes or regular classes for people who wish to immerse themselves further. Classes can be one on one, in a group of people, arranged for a group of friends, or even via Skype for those who wish to pick the brain of a professional. Get in touch if you're interested, we can discuss what you would like to learn and tailor a package to suit you and your budget!

To enquire please email me at