Heeey NZ! Art class is finally coming to you this October thanks to Design Assembly. Workshop 1 focusses on working with Photoshop, with particular emphasis on masking and colouring. Workshop 2 explores drawing, seeing, and mark making.

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Workshop One: Colour My World

Friday 3 October, 9am–12.00pm

When working commercially, it is important that a designer or creative find ways to streamline their process, adopting methodical approaches and time-saving methods to deliver a product quickly and to make adjustments even faster. Working with paint and pencils is great to an extent, but with an indecisive client it is always good to know that a colour change won’t result in an entire redraw.

With basic Photoshop masking and colouring techniques, not only do you have the freedom to change colours and make editable adjustments, you also have a tried and true process that means each illustration can be approached with the confidence that you know what you’re doing.

This class is suitable for Photoshop beginners to intermediate users who are interested in seeing how a professional designer or creative approaches colouring. You must bring your own laptop for this class.

Learning Outcomes:

• Participants will practice on a pre-prepared illustration and learn masking processes.

• Participants will learn colour layering techniques and basic Photoshop brush techniques.

• Participants will be introduced to keyboard shortcuts to streamline processes.

• Participants will leave with references for future, confident that they can now approach digital colouring step by step.

Workshop Two: What You Looking At?

Friday 3 October, 1pm–4pm

One of the main questions often asked is, “How do you draw?” to which I almost always reply, ” I pay attention to what I am looking at.” We see things every day, but how often is it that we consider the details about what we are actually looking at? What are the shapes, where is the light, what has volume, are the lines heavy or light?

There are many ways to see but, once we start to consciously pay attention and analyse what we are looking at, drawing and mark making become much more precise and accurate as a recording method.

This class suits anyone interested in drawing and observing better. Both beginners and more experienced designers and creatives will learn useful techniques and skills to apply to every day life which will benefit their practice.

Learning Outcomes:

• Participants will be provided with various techniques for analysing their subject matter.

• Participants will be introduced to and encouraged to use a variety of mark making techniques.

• Participants will become more visually and specially aware.

• Participants will learn basic drawing skills that they can adapt and build on in their own practice.

• Participants will learn about tone and form and how line weight can be used to represent light.

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