I thought it about time I updated you on my Everyday Girls project.

If you're new here and not sure what the project is you can see the original post about it here.

Firstly I have to thank you for the huge amount of kind comments and submissions of interest on my introductory post. Having had the idea in my head for a while, indecisive about if it was a good idea or not it was such an amazing feeling to hear that it wasn't just me who thought it worth doing! Secondly I have to apologise to anyone who submitted and never received a follow up reply from me,  it was out of my hands after I discovered that Squarespace only held the email details of the most recent 25 comments after I had approved them (grrr). At the moment all of the email addresses for so many interested girls are lost in the matrix while I wait for Squarespace to help me... a problem that has taken almost three months of following up without success. If you are someone who submitted and never heard from me, I am so sorry, please comment below with your email address again and I will get in touch!

So whats happening now?

The initial stages of the project are underway, I guess you could call this the research stage. I've sent a questionnaire to my first applicants and have absolutely loved reading the initial answers. I am fascinated by the different lives of my subjects, but also the similarities between females, particularly when it comes to things that make them feel positive and also misunderstood.  Already I have so many ideas about how these common threads could be visually represented, and I feel very motivated to one day turn this project in to a book. Over the last few weeks I have been having regular Skypes or meet ups with the girls involved and I can see already that as a side effect this project is going to be very inspiring and encouraging for me as a creative and also in my everyday life. Hearing some of the amazing things that the girls have done in their lives, their ordeals, their goals and their opinions is a massive highlight so far and I am sure will be heart warming for you too once I release their illustrations and answers.

Over the last couple of weeks I have photographed my first Everyday Girls in their homes or work places and I've just started drawing Emma - my first Everyday Girl who is a designer from Melbourne with two children and aspirations of moving the family to France. I hope to complete the first part of her drawing this week so keep and eye on Instagram for W.I.P teasers before I share her complete image and story here soon. 

If you feel like you want to be an Everyday Girl in this project, or if I missed your email in the Squarespace muck up, then please leave a comment and your email below and I will be in touch very soon. 


I look forward to sharing my first illustration of Emma and involving you in the rest of this project!

Have a great Sunday night