With a black, grey and white check coat, a pale grey fuzzy knit and a navy skirt I excitedly embraced a particularly chilly Autumn night last week, an opportunity to layer up is one I always enjoy. Needing something else and encouraged by an article about tonal outfits I decided to throw in some grey ankle socks, very english school boy, but very cute when teamed with some white Celine heels. Feeling satisfied with my fashion efforts I added some lippy and out the door I went on to the street where my strut was interrupted by my shoe sliding clean off my elegantly socked foot. This interruption caught me quite off guard, the soundtrack to my happy moment was halted and "hmmm" escaped my lips unintentionally. I slipped the shoe back on and proceeded to continue on my way, only to find that once again the shoe slipped off my heel and left me feeling quite the uncoordinated high heel walker. Unimpressed I made a U-turn back to my house where I promptly removed the socks, screwed my nose at myself in the mirror (my outfit comparatively inferior after previous satisfaction) and left for take two sans my finishing touch. This has left me wondering about the sock and heel combo I see gracing street style sites, do these girls walk places, or do they magically just appear standing ready as street photographer arrives? How does the shoe stay on the sock without lace or strap to keep it in place? Upon second round of research I notice a large quantity of these girls opt for the Mary Jane with it's delicate strap, a cute feminine option, but it is the girl in the mule or the delicate stiletto that has me curious, is there some kind of shoe tape that I don't know about?