The third post in this series is all about loooove

What do you love most about your chosen creative field?

Courtney Sanders, Editor,

I love getting to think about the bigger picture of things – why is this band huge right now and what does it mean that they are? Why is this fashion designer creating looks inspired by futuristic dystopian robots (or something) and what does that say about society? All cultural output, whether consciously or subconsciously, is influenced by social and political events, and I find it fascinating to try to unpack that and learn from it. 

Guy Shield - Illustrator

There’s too much I love about what I do. The autonomy of being able to work for myself, draw all day and get paid for it makes me pinch myself constantly. The relationships that form with art directors and other creatives is a real thrill for me — when there’s either a shared vision or a beautifully prescribed idea, it’s really great bringing it to life. It’s pretty simple, but I really just love working hard, aiming higher with every new piece and trying to make my craft as engaging, inspiring and evocative as possibe. I adore the the smell of fresh untouched paper, the gentle scratch of the pencil on it’s surface, and the sensation of carefully and methodically inking, slowly and patiently watching it all come together. When I bring colour into a piece it’s much the same, and I’m fascinated by the power of colour and light, and just how insanely effective they are at bringing stories to life, setting the overall scene, and evoking powerful reactions to the work. When I get people telling me they find tranquility in my work, or can relate to the feelings in the scenes, I get a genuine buzz and feel super proud. It’s still really exciting for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose that. I do a lot of my work for me, but if people genuinely get something out of it, then I’m both grateful and stoked.

Jo Duck - Photographer

I love what I do. A lot.

There is nothing better for me than collaborating with like minded people - who have a similar drive and enthusiasm for making C-O-O-L-S-H-I-T.

My work is split into two halves:

One half is editorial work. This is mainly fashion editorials for magazines - they can be local or from the other side of the world. I generally get a lot of freedom to come up with a concept, put a team together and create a shoot in my own style without any major restrictions (apart form budget!).

Coming up with the concept is one of my favourite things to do - I love researching concepts and putting a lot of narrative into the story. The other half is commercial work which is what pays the bills. I'm lucky enough to work with clients like Nobody Denim, The Australian Ballet, The Melbourne Theatre Company, Wrangler, National Gallery of Victoria & Francis Leon. So even though I work to a brief, a lot of my clients are also really interested in collaboration and I get to work with some incredibly talented and passionate people.

Livin' the dream!

Luke Lucas - Typographer

There’s so many things I love about it. From a work life balance perspective this type of field and being freelance allows me to work largely to my own schedule so I can spend more time with my family, can surf most days and I can work from home which is a massive plus for me.

Also the pace and variety of work keeps thing interesting. I can be working on something graphic for one client, something hyper-real and illustrative for another and more traditional design and typography for another. Most jobs come in and out of the studio in a matter of days so it’s rare that I’ll be working on the one thing for weeks at a time. At any time the work can be branding a new product, designing the cover lines of a magazine, creating an illustration for an advertising campaign or a new graphic for a fashion label. The variety of mediums that the briefs I receive allow me to work in keeps it fun also.

Dan Ahwa - Fashion Editor for Canvas Magazine and Viva Magazine, The New Zealand Herald

Being able to travel with work and to meet and work with people who I normally wouldn't be able to back home. Also the pace is fast and interesting, and there's opportunity to explore other areas outside of clothes that I'm also interested in.

Image credit  /  Styling - Dan Ahwa

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