The second post in my 5 Creatives 5 Questions series running this week.

Question 2 Day 2 - Do you have any favourite websites or blogs that always inspire you? 

Courtney Sanders, Editor,

I hear there’s this really awesome website called Catalogue or something? Haha, um, my favourite website at the moment is Dazed Digital – I think unlike a lot of culture websites who just write super quick news pieces about culture events, they write solid, researched, opinionated pieces about culture, which is really inspiring. Also right now, Lea Colombo’s backstage photos at the fashion weeks that are running on Dazed Digital are the best, and this is how you should absorb those shows for the next couple of weeks!

Guy Shield - Illustrator

I don’t have blogs that I truly frequent, but I really dig browsing http://ffffound.comand http://www.booooooom.comas a means of seeing what’s going on out there and getting some inspiration outside of my own mind. Local resources like are pretty awesome too. I follow a bunch of artists on instagram, but there are too many to name! Yourself included of course.

Jo Duck - Photographer

O. MANY. Infact I have a entire library of links in a folder titled 'Photographer's I can't beat' (I'm a little competitive). - So many of my favourite photographers are represented by MAP so I check in here regularly to see what's new. A google image search of my favourite photographer Arthur Weegee, he was big in the 30s - late 50s so he doesn't really have a website, this is the closest it comes: Pierre et Gille early work - google image search, again no real website. - They represent Alisdair McLellan, Mert & Marcus, Glen Luchford. So many great names! I also look at a lot of websites about film making, sea creatures and stream forgotten b grade horror movies / film noirs / arthouse movies through youtube or different sites like

Luke Lucas - Typographer

A few years ago I felt like a large portion of my time was spent browsing through hundreds of blogs and portals every week but I started to find it really counter productive and a time sapper. Over the last few years the way that I consume media has really changed. I don't really have a list of go to blogs and most of my my web use is related to research or finding out specific information on something. That and shopping and keeping up to date with the news etc. I tend to look at instagram and twitter on my phone in my down time like when I waiting for a file to save or something but that’s kind of it.

Dan Ahwa - Fashion Editor for Canvas Magazine and Viva Magazine, The New Zealand Herald

The Cut

The Business of Fashion

Vanessa Freidman's blog at The New York Times

The Daily Mail

Gordon von Steiner.com

The Plant

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Image credit   /  Guy Shield