I'm a firm believer that thoughts and knowledge shared between the creative community can only benefit us all in the long term, and so my latest blog edition aims to do just that - share thoughts, inspirations and struggles. Through doing this I hope we can all become better informed and hopefully a little more motivated to make the world a better place through good design. "5 Creatives 5 Questions" is going to be a regular edition, each post spanning 5 days, asking 5 creatives the same questions and sharing their responses.

First up I speak with Courtney Sanders, editor of Catalogue Magazine, a talented and educated writer who challenges our everyday thoughts with insightful argument. Guy Shield is an illustrator also represented by the Jacky Winter Group, I have always admired him for his story telling ability and heart warming colour palettes. Jo Duck is a photographer based here in Melbourne with an infectious laugh and spectacular ideas who's work holds much narrative and thought. Luke Lucas' typography is mind blowing I am sure you will agree, it has me in awe at all times, and Dan Ahwa is a softly spoken diligent talent who works as a stylist, a writer and everyday keeper of calm. 

I hope you enjoy!


Question 1 Day 1 . Can you share one piece of advice you were given that has stuck with you through your creative career?

Courtney Sanders  - Editor

 The best advice I’ve ever heard is from this YouTube interview with Ira Glass, the editor of This American Life (which at one point was the most listened-to Podcast in the world). It’s here

The main takeaway from it is that when you get into a creative industry you get into it because you usually have heroes who work in the same field who you want to be like. You start out and it’s really frustrating for the first several years because your work never matches up to the work of your heroes. Glass argues that you have to “fight your way through this” because everyone goes through it and you have to push through to the other side. When I’m feeling shitty about not achieving like my heroes it always makes me chill out and realise I still have time! (Also Ira Glass’ voice is very soothing.)

Guy Shield - Illustrator

 I have two pieces of advice that don’t necessarily pertain directly to illustration, but provide the guidelines for a more positive life. I live by is the mantras “It’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you react to it”, and “Don’t be a dick”. They’re pretty similar I guess, but they serve as a reminder of the powers of positivity, both in and out of creative life. I truly believe that higher ground is the best path treaded, and it’s important to not get in between people and their respective goals. It takes constant evaluation, but reduces regret by the tonne. Less regret equals a happier and more productive life and a clearer mind, which in most ways is the ideal place to draw from… As Jeremy at Jacky Winter once said, Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose. A really powerful concept.

Jo Duck - Photographer

I have a tendency to get into a panic when I have down time or if I can't see a job coming up on the horizon. Someone once told me that being a photographer is  'Caviar one night, cheese on toast for a week'. It always makes me feel better when I'm having a quiet spell, just kinda puts my mind at ease.

Luke Lucas - Typographer

I wish I’d been given more advice. I’ve always been self employed, am largely self-taught and have never had the benefit of a mentor or anything so I haven’t really been in the position to receive any advice that has stuck over the years. If I could go in a time machine and speak to my younger self I think one of the first things I would tell myself is that it’s ok to say no to work. Just because you can do something and someone is willing to pay you to do something doesn’t mean that it’s right for your career or your folio. It took me many years to figure that one out.

Dan Ahwa - Fashion Editor for Canvas Magazine and Viva Magazine, The New Zealand Herald

No one else's opinion matters other than those you respect.

I hope you enjoyed the first post, head back tomorrow for day two, and scroll down below to leave your comments.



Images credits  -  Luke Lucas  /  Jo Duck