Welcome back for day three of 5 Creatives 5 Days, a monthly segment where we chat to five creatives about all sorts of interesting things. Today we are chatting about people who make you jealous/inspired/make you wish you did what they do all at the same time, you know the feeling right?

  Image - Styling Josie Steenhart

Image - Styling Josie Steenhart

  Illustration - Mel Stringer

Illustration - Mel Stringer

Sometimes as a creative person myself I see someone else's work and think "goddamn, I wish I had created that", it's a combo jealousy/admiration feeling. Do you have anyone in your industry that gives you that same feeling? What do you love/envy so much about them?

Josie Steenhart - Freelance writer, editor and stylist @undonejournal - Oh yes heaps! Not so much jealousy but massive admiration and more of an “I wish I was friends with her” feeling! Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu who founded Cherry Bombe, Tavi Gevinson, The Gentlewoman’s editor Penny Martin, Becky Smith who’s the creative director and editor of Twin magazine, Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss... That’s just off the top of my head… Locally I think Alice Lines, editor of homestyle, does incredible things, she has the most amazing way of seeing things and putting things together and writes brilliantly too (I am actually friends with her so that’s one girl crush wish that came true!), Julia Atkinson of Studio Home, who just has such a passion and strong vision for what she’s doing, and Greta Kenyon who I work with on Together Journal has done a very inspiring, next level job of launching a new independent magazine from scratch, one that’s covetable and beautiful to boot, it’s been amazing to be a part of that.

Liz Wilson - Fashion Designer Eugenie @eugenie_official - I get that all the time, there are some many genius designers out there with such incredible pedigrees that it can be really hard not to compare yourself unfavourably. In particular I have a deep admiration for Phoebe Philo as well as Raf Simons. What strikes me most about them is not only their immense design talent, but just as much their conviction in their own instincts. They both resolutely understand the message they are creating with their work. I’m getting there, but a lot of that confidence comes with experience so I feel I have a long way to go.

Mel Stringer - Illustrator @melstringer -I often see a creative person or business and feel strong admiration and excitement over their work. I try not to get jealous as I know everyone is on their own unique and individual artistic journey, and jealousy only rots your brain. If I like someone's work my instant reaction is to tell them, and if they reply then that's hugely satisfying for me. Like I have connected with the spirit that created the work that touched my heart.

Someone that stands at to me at the moment would be Katherine Sabbath. Incredible skill and she also seems like a really lovely person. I see her ideas and am always pleasantly surprised.

Eirian Chapman - Illustrator @eirianchapman www.eirianchapman.com - I admire artists’ work that is different from my own, especially those who work with pure traditional media. I like the humorous style of David Shrigley and Oslo Davis, watercolours by Marc Martin, and drawings by Jillian Tamaki.

Chloe Hill - Stylist and Market Editor at Oyster Magazine, http://www.chloechill.com -There are so many stylists in Europe and America that I admire and I sure do get envious of their amazing work.  Julia Sarr-Jamois & Stevie Dance are two of my favourites and are both amazing at mixing high and low and giving unexpected looks a cool twist.



I'd love to hear who gives you that feeling, share your thoughts below:)