Harman Grubisa - Photograph Olivia Hemus

Harman Grubisa - Photograph Olivia Hemus

The subject of today's 4 Creatives 5 Days is pretty relevant to me today because I am so damn tired! This Monday has me feeling zzzzz (maybe I should do my own Monday Motivator). Today we are chatting about how designers push on to power through Fashion Week when all the want to do is nap.


Q You must be exhausted by the time your show is ready to kick off, do you have any traditions/beverages/music/cheer squads that help you stay enthusiastic until show time?

Lucilla Gray - www.lucillagray.com - I have a great team which makes the build up a little less stressful. Sometimes I love to carry a hot tea. Storm and India's Afternoon Detox is my go to :) 


Kirsha Whitcher - Salasai - www.salasai.com - It's always a blast in the lead up to a show, our team have worked particularly hard and we are all in delirious mode by the eve of the show. Yes it is exhausting, but its also exhilarating as well and this makes the process so enjoyable. Kelly and I don’t have any traditions, but we have been known to celebrate afterward with midnight hits to takeaway joints and over consumption of milkshakes….

  Lucilla Gray - Photograph  Russell Kleyn

Lucilla Gray - Photograph Russell Kleyn

Jessica Grubisa - Harman Grubisa - www.harmangrubisa.comWe always have our HG Family surrounding us helping back stage - our PR Team here are really an extension of HG, the same crew every year - having your best friends around you always helps keep you enthusiastic! Usually making sure we stay hydrated and calm ha!   

Wynn Crawshaw - Wynn Hamlyn - www.wynnhamlyn.com - I still work with the same friends that have been messing around with fashion with me since I started. In the late nights leading up to the show they usually turn up and help tack labels in etc. That helps out mentally right when I need it - having people around to lighten the mood and laugh with.


That's it for this series, see you soon, hope you enjoyed it!


  Wynn Hamlyn - Photograph Sam Lee

Wynn Hamlyn - Photograph Sam Lee