Harman Grubisa

Harman Grubisa

I always wonder how much extra effort it is to put on a show at Fashion Week. Is it just the same as making a standard collection with a couple of extra weeks work planning the show, or does the show collection get extra special attention - aaaaalll the fancy buttons and extra feature pieces. I decided to ask



 Q: Other than organising a show and all the extras involved, do you place extra attention on a Fashion Week collection? What extra things do you do to make a FW collection particularly special?


Lucilla Gray - www.lucillagray.com I always think about a fashion week collection in terms of putting on a show and creating an experience. Statement pieces and set design allow for these special moments. This season (A/W 2017) we also introduced an accessories range which added a finishing touch..


Kirsha Whitcher - Salasai - www.salasai.com YES, we think of how it will be styled, what colour palette we will show and what special bits we will mark as representative of the brand… Dan Ahwa styles the collection so he normally decides a lot of this in the lead up.

  Lucilla Gray - Photographer  Russell Kleyn

Lucilla Gray - Photographer Russell Kleyn

Jessica Grubisa - Harman Grubisa - www.Harmangrubisa.com -  Usually the extra attention goes into styling, accessories and our audiences experience - It's our chance to show case our world to our customers.


Wynn Crawshaw - Wynn Hamlyn www.wynnhamlyn.com - Yes there is definitely extra time and effort spent on making the show a spectacle. Not just for a fashion week show, but for any show, I really just want to make it worth peoples time that have come down to see it. It also helps tell the story of the collection when you can add more literal pieces (garments or accessories) that wouldn't normally be for sale. For instance this year we did the carpet belts - not a normal addition to a commercial collection.


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