Pencil Pushers Art Class

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Pencil Pushers Art Class

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12pm Sat 13th May

Seafarers Building
52 Tyler St Britomart
Auckland 1010, N


Run time  2 - 2.5 hours limited to 30 people

If you're interested in drawing, are completely new to it, or just want to brush up on your skills this class is a relaxing and brain exercising way to spend your Saturday. Anyone interested in improving their drawing and observational skills will learn how to analyse their subject matter, use a variety of mark making techniques and become more visually aware.

This two-hour class is hosted by Kelly Thompson ( and


This class will cover topics such as:

  1. Mark making for illustration
  2. Observing both positive and negative space
  3. Working from reference
  4. Tips and techniques for translating what you see to your page
  5. General tips and personal guidance from an illustration professional 

What you get:

• You will leave with a clear checklist of things to think about when drawing

• You will gain insight into drawing practice and techniques

• You will leave inspired and happy


What attendees need to bring:

- questions, open ears and eyes.  


All ages